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Desert heat, drizzling rain, or snowstorm – whatever the weather, companies can now advertise products on TV to match the weather situation. SevenOne Media makes this happen with its new targeting option and thus unlocks additional ad revenue potential in partnership with

It could be sunscreen when skies are clear or nasal spray during a period of persistently wet weather. Placing commercials by weather and location makes television advertising more informative and thereby more relevant.

This new option provided by ProSiebenSat.1 sales company SevenOne Media in its addressable TV portfolio is called weather targeting. In spring 2016, the digital sales team pitched the idea to Heinrich von Hoessle. “Could we broadcast advertising messages aligned with the minute-by-minute weather situation where viewers live?” they asked.

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Stefan Bornemann


For some time now, SevenOne Media has been marketing the digital portfolio of “It made sense to integrate weather targeting into the new addressable TV business.”

Heinrich von Hoessle


Product marketing expert von Hoessle pushes ProSiebenSat.1’s forward-looking addressable TV efforts. “Addressable TV is strategically highly relevant for us. It combines the extensive reach of television with the personalized approach of online marketing. This takes TV advertising into the digital age.”


Red Button

A single click on the red button on the TV remote opens an interactive microsite providing viewers with supplementary information on the product in the commercial, the company selling it, a dealer nearby, or contact details.

TV + Internet =


Addressable TV is based on the Hybrid broadcast broadband TV (HbbTV) standard, which melds TV formats with online content. According to the Association for Consumer & Home Electronics (Gesellschaft für Unterhaltungselektronik), over one in two televisions in German households is already a Smart TV. The majority are HbbTV enabled.

01 – Innovation

Addressable TV combines the mass-media reach of television with the personalized communication made possible by the Internet. In 2015, ProSiebenSat.1 subsidiary SevenOne Media was the first sales company to tailor digital ad windows to target groups and locations on TV shows. Around 100 addressable TV campaigns were run in 2016, and 2017 is expected to see twice as many thanks to the integration of weather data, amongst others. “Weather targeting is an indicator of where TV advertising is heading,” explains Heinrich von Hoessle, Unit Director addressable TV at SevenOne Media.



Like other web-enabled devices, localized content can be sent to an Internet-enabled television through its IP address.

02 – Product offerings

Weather targeting opens the way for selective advertising in line with the current weather conditions at the viewer’s location. A weather-related SwitchIn is positioned on the left-hand side of the screen during the broadcast of a TV show. Additional attention-getters are optional co-branding with and a display of weather data at the bottom of the screen. Viewers can also push the “red button” on the remote control to access a specially programmed web page (microsite) featuring supplementary information.


weather data pool

Temperature, precipitation, wind: refreshes weather data every five minutes and uploads the current weather and short-term forecasts for the specific geographic coordinates to a ProSiebenSat.1 cloud database.

03 – Demand

Weather is a key factor in purchasing decisions – and not just in fashion, travel, and leisure. Ad campaigns tailored to cold or hay fever season can be effective for companies in the pharmaceutical and health care sectors. Barbecue weather is a boon for the food and beverage industry, while auto manufacturers count on consumers changing tires in winter, and storm warnings are important to insurance companies. The demand for targeting, 360-degree cross-media advertising concepts, and innovative campaigns is growing dynamically. “We plan to offer additional options such as behavioral targeting and also automate booking,” von Hoessle says.


precisely tailored ads

A data interface provides weather data to the ad server managing the booked ad campaigns. Commercials are then broadcast by location based on the current or forecast weather conditions.

04 – Value

Weather targeting attracts attention, and provides a glimpse into user behavior, thereby making commercials more informative for the viewer and offering new possibilities on designing campaigns for clients. For SevenOne Media and, this product innovation generates additional revenues from the targeting premium and the opportunity for additional sales of other data products and consulting services. “Our weather analytics projects are greatly in demand. Together with our clients, we analyse the data and show the influence of weather on campaign results or product sales,” says Stefan Bornemann, Chief Operating Officer of